1. I hate my bus, except for Kirsten.

    1. Black Girl One: You don't know who Kunta Kinte is? Do you know who MLK Jr. Is? Or Rosa Parks?
    2. Freshman: I know who Rosa Parks is!
    3. Black Girl Two: Mmm making that poor woman move outta the white section.
    4. Me: *mumbling* She wasn't in the white section.
    5. Kirsten: This is ridiculous.
    6. White Girl One: Oh wait! She was like sitting in the front of the like black section or something like that.
    7. Black Girls One and Two: Oh you right, you right.
    8. White Girl Two: Ooh sitting in the front of the bus, such a crime.
    9. Me: Wow, what a stance! Pro-African American rights, you're such an activist. I hope one day I can be as globally aware as you.
    10. Kirsten: Oh I know, she's so brave taking that position. It's really admirable
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